What is internet marketing

What Is Internet Marketing [and how to become an Internet Marketer]

The way of communication, information, and interaction with customers has changed. Don’t go around too much. Everyone more or less understands that in order to sell, you must communicate and communicate effectively in order to have a meaningful conversation with your target (who is always online via their mobile device).

But what do we mean when we talk about internet marketing? How important is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and social activity for companies? How big is the potential for online marketing to win over customers through the use of different tools and techniques? Let us find out together!


What Is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is basically a set of tools applied to a strategy to expand a company’s business objectives, specifically selling its products and/or services. In fact, through internet marketing, it is possible to identify which channels to invest time and resources in, understand which communication campaigns need to be put in place to convert users into loyal customers, and much more.

What is internet marketing

It is difficult to give a clear definition of internet marketing, but it is certain that companies and professionals cannot ignore it because the internet has completely and greatly invaded our lives. It is clear that social networks have played a key role in this complex and significant change.

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Why Is Internet Marketing Important for Businesses?

What role does internet marketing play in the company and why is it so important? In addition to traditional advertising and sales activities, it can provide the necessary support to carry out other specific and varied advertising actions that give a company a significant competitive advantage over the competition.


Google Adwords campaigns, influential marketing activities, email marketing, search engine indexing, and building a Facebook community are all internet marketing activities that help businesses reach their target audience in record time and generating revenue from an online reputation.

Each action must follow a very specific plan with defined and above all measurable objectives that take into account the reference market and its target customers. The advantage of internet marketing lies in its scalability, the ability to monitor results to continuously optimize strategy and maximize profits.


Internet Marketing and Entry Methods

How do I find the best way to find customers? The answer is to rely on incoming marketing. It is not only the habits of consumers and businesses that change but also the buying process itself. The entry method is based on the logic of attraction, where the customer looks for the company when he feels a real and effective need and goes through different phases:

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Decision

In the first stage, the customer realizes that he has a problem or has an opportunity which he can use to take advantage. This is followed by an evaluation of all possible options and a final purchase decision.


Finding the best logic for attracting new customers and entering the world of the web is very important for those who wish to become web marketers. Terms like sales funnel, call to action, landing page, and lead generation should be your bread and butter.

The right internet marketing strategy and implementing inbound methods will help you connect with customers, share valuable content with them, track their behavior, and train them until you guide them step by step towards purchasing decisions.

The strength of internet marketing is to use the right strategy to turn ordinary visitors into corporate customers. Four actions to take are shown in this detailed infographic:

The buying process, broken down into many stages, is actually represented by funnels (more commonly known as sales funnels) that help internet marketing professionals use the right tools to meet consumers, turn them into customers, and keep going to offer the same value even after the sale.


Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools

Full-time internet marketing tools should be full of tricks to organize their work, speed up decisions that need to be made about online marketing strategies, and streamline operations. In fact, the goals of an internet marketing strategy can range from building a competitive advantage for a business to increasing brand awareness, net sales, and customer loyalty.

The tools used in the same way range from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles to keyword advertising, from social media marketing to web ease of use. For example, to find out what your potential customers are looking for online, you need to learn how to use Google AdWords and keyword planner. You can use Facebook insights to target specific ads to specific audiences.


In a complex and multi-faceted context, identifying objectives, analyzing reference targets, and identifying the right tools is one of the most important steps in planning the right internet marketing strategy.


How to Learn Internet Marketing Strategy

In order to determine the most effective internet marketing strategy, we need to understand the actions required to guide our customers throughout their buying process. Therefore, it is first necessary to explore all digital (and non-digital) points of contact and define a specific customer journey for each type of customer.


Internet Marketing and SEO

Customer loyalty is achieved through search engines: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is actually one of the most powerful and effective tools for internet marketing. The activity of enhancing the position of a website in search engines is the subject of internet marketing professionals whose main purpose is to strengthen a company’s presence on the network.

This can be supported by useful tools such as the SEO zoom suite, which is ideal for analyzing traffic volume, keyword trends, and researching the competition.

The Cluetrain manifesto fully encapsulates the close relationship between internet marketing and SEO: ‚ÄúCompanies that want to position themselves have to take a position. At best, something that will really interest your market. ”


Internet Marketing and SEM

SEM is also closely related to internet marketing as it includes all activities aimed at generating quality traffic to a particular website thanks to a pay-per-click campaign plan.

The key to profiting is combining SEO and SEM and using techniques to optimize search positions by capturing user searches and directing them to your website when interested and motivated. In short, Google AdWords with its basics should be included in the overall marketing plan in between strategic and operational objectives.


Internet Marketing and Social Media

Social media is a strategic platform for telling company stories, establishing direct contact with customers, supporting them with support services and functions for branding activities. As part of an internet marketing plan, you need to master a social media marketing strategy, a must: creativity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest: companies don’t have to be anywhere, but the goal is to find the right channels for their target groups. Also, don’t forget about the tremendous potential that social media advertising offers, especially when creating a personalized audience with Facebook.


How to Become An Internet Marketer

How to Become An Internet Marketer

Like anyone looking to work in the digital world, the best advice on how to become an expert is to BE CURIOUS. University education is not enough, you have to get your hands dirty. Reading e-books, attending industry events, attending online training courses, and choosing a specific mentor for your field of application are just some of the basic steps you need to take.

Becoming an Internet Marketing manager is a difficult path to take and requires a broad and varied range of skills from the knowledge of SEO logic to working social media mechanisms, from reading market research to managing ad campaigns. Therefore, choose selected courses that focus on a specific topic and are dedicated to a vertical topic or niche.


Importance of Internet Marketing to the Success of Your Business

importance of internet marketing

However, two-way Internet marketing campaigns are the most effective. Why? Because your target audience can see both your product and company information at once, thus giving them more exposure to your message. If they have only a minuscule window of exposure, your message will be buried. The importance of Internet marketing can not be stressed enough. Since over 4.2 billion people are now on the Internet, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to get potential leads for your company.

People also use the Internet to seek all kinds of information about products they need. For instance, if you’re a jewelry manufacturer, you could use your website to show images and a brief description of each product. You can then link to the sites of your competitors, or place banners on your site where you can attract new clients.

With a digital marketing campaign, you won’t need expensive venues such as radio, TV, and newspapers. You can reach a bigger audience with a simple Internet connection, even if it’s just one person in a small town. In addition, when you spread the word via social media, you gain credibility and can tap into a new clientele.

Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, the success of your campaign depends more on careful planning. So it is important to plan your digital marketing efforts using affordable venues such as the web, apps, and other interactive media that can reach an unlimited number of people and create a good return on investment.

But even if you decide to use affordable venues for your digital marketing strategy, you still need to effectively use them to reach your audience. Social media is a good way to do this. Its wide range of audiences allows you to offer your products or services to a wider group and reach a larger number of people. By engaging in social media, you can also increase the scope of your audience, and if you’re careful, you can tap into a new clientele as well.

Social media sites are excellent platforms for establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers. Once you have a good relationship with these individuals, they may be willing to help you promote your products and services. Your customers also value the kind of relationship that you maintain with them, so they will want to provide their feedback to you, which can also lead to quality traffic and more sales.


This is just one of the many benefits that you get by employing an internet marketing strategy that includes social media. In fact, by taking advantage of social media, you can increase the quality traffic to your website by leaps and bounds.

However, creating quality traffic requires a little more work than simply posting links and comments on other blogs and articles. It takes a little more planning and preparation, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some really great ways to get leads on the cheap, without ever having to open up a single email or contact a single person. You can do this through social media marketing campaigns.

There are several ways to go about this, but the basic concept is simple: create a blog, and then start connecting yourself to other blogs, forums, and websites that have topics about the type of services or products that you provide. The more that you spread your presence out, the better chance that someone will come across it and sign up for a free trial copy, or at least sign up to become a potential customer.

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