Befriend with the money

Ten Laws To Befriend The Spirit Of Money

Money is energy. Money is an exchange. Money makes the world go round. Money, Money, Money, Money! Money is possibly the most powerful metaphor of our planet. How do you feel like when you are free? Receive the keys to wealth, and discover the soulful laws where money becomes an auspicious bird that cannot wait to perch on your shoulder to bless you, again, and again!

1. Know Yourself

What do “poor” and “wealthy” mean to you? What programs were you raised on? How did your parents handle money? Do you think that you
are a good person if you are rich or if you are poor? Do you give your power away to wealthy people? Do you envy or resent them? How do you treat wealthy people? How do you expect to be treated by them? How do you speak of them? How do you speak of poor people?

2. Beware of Projections and other Personifications

The love of the Money is the root of all evil… Money is hard to come by… Money keeps on eluding me… Money does not come easy to me… Money does not like me… Money does not grow on trees… Ask yourself: what is money? What is it not? Money is only what I think it is. Similarly for time. Time is only what I think it is. In that sense, time is money!

3. Learn To Speak Its Divine Language

Have you noticed how spiritual is the vocabulary that describes money? In God, we trust! Change. Save. Profit. Worth. Value. Asset. Cash Flow. Liquid. Appreciation. Angel Investor. Equity… Notice the balance (sheet). Like breathing in: Income. Breathing out: Expenses. In: Assets. Out: Liabilities.

4. Create Space for Something to Change

Gratefulness is the key to open the Gates of Heaven (Having). When you are grateful, your attention is on what you have, not on what you lack. When you are grateful, you love it all. And then loving what you do brings forth doing what you love.

5. Discern “Expensive” and “Expansive”

About not purchasing that lovely condo, or not working with a coach, it is never about not having the money, it is about not having the truth to do something (i.e. not really wanting it, or feeling deserving of it) If you really wanted to go to Europe, you would find a way. Become honest enough, big enough, expansive enough in your consciousness to contain the condo, or the coaching program, or the trip to Europe…

6. Dare to Be a Visionary

And claim your financial goals: I read somewhere that out of the Yale class of 1953, 3% had written down their financial goals for after college. When they convened 20 years later, that 3% controlled more combined net worth than the other 97% combined.

7. Love Unconditionally

If you wish to partner with money, give, tithe, let it go, and set it free. Did I say “FREE?” Because all you have is truly all you need. You have to have the courage to give what you want to get. If it is yours, it will come back. If it does not, you never really had it in the first place. Furthermore, since we are all one, giving to another is really giving to yourself.

8. Have Fun & Play

”Life is a game…”

When millionaires lose all their money, they do not worry, as they know they can and will enjoy making it again. Relax; money is only a game.

9. Sell What Benefits Others

Ponder this: would you be happy purchasing something that is revealed to be worthless? Ethical business practices are simply to receive money for a service or a product only if the buyer deems it valuable. Ex. Price of art. Price of a house. Price of a candy bar. And should someone be unhappy with your product or service, promptly give a refund.

10. Adopt a Pilgrim’s Mind

The magic of not knowing is what makes the dream possible. Believe in something greater than yourself! That attitude will pave the road with golden opportunities. Your only work is to recognize each of them, greet them as your friend, and then act on them: that is rich!

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