The Two Direct Marketing Products & Services You Will Promote

The Two Direct Marketing Products & Services You Will Promote

The Three Direct Marketing Products & Services You Will Promote

Here are the three marketing programs you will be glad to choose:

ACN Products & Services

1. This is one of the World’s Leading Providers of direct marketing telecommunications services including SIM Card, Broadband, Energy, Security & Payment Processing Services

Value to Customers

Allow customers to sign up as a reseller of the world’s leading providers of SIM card, broadband, Internet TV and landline services. You will also be able to promote market leading home/business energy supplies and security systems and services. Lastly, you will also have the opportunity to market one of the most widely accepted merchant payment terminal systems in the world, thus being able to penetrate the very lucrative B2B electronic payments industry.

How does it work?

You will become an official reseller of ACN, currently the world’s leading direct marketing provider of telecommunication, energy, security and digital payment services to homes and businesses. As an authorized reseller, you have a multi-billion dollar market base to sell in-demand products to, with the backing of a reputed and well-known brand in ACN. ACN was established in 1993 in the USA and has been featured in the leading business journals including Fortune and Inc 500 amongst others. ACN is currently operating in 27 countries and five continents across the globe

With telecommunications, security, energy and payment processing industries all experiencing impressive compounded year-on-year growth, you have an opportunity to earn impressive commissions and be able to scale your earnings with time.

Ideal Audience

With ACN offering high-speed internet TV, SIM Card and broadband internet plans at very competitive prices, almost anyone you know is an ideal customer. Friends, family co-workers or even acquaintances you know will happily sign up for ACN’s digital services, to save money on their phone, cable and TV streaming bills, and to enjoy high speed Internet services or SIM cards with excellent network coverage.

ACN’s cost-competitive and reputed green energy and security services will also greatly reduce buying barriers when you market their products and services to homes and businesses that require quality solutions at unobtrusive costs.


3. Coop5050 is the world's first Peer-To-Peer Crowdfunding system where you ALWAYS RECEIVE 50%.

Value to Customers

Join the system, invite others and they invite others. For each donation is made to any of the teammate you will also receive 50% of it. 100% of the donated money goes to the participants, such as you and your other teammates. There is no middleman and neither the company would cut anything from the donations.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is make yourself member of the Coop5050 and you become a donor key if you can make others join the system with your referral link and they become donors as well. Getting donation is easy and there many ways, such as:

  1. asking people to support your personal worthy cause
  2. invite others personally to make a donation
  3. they invite others to make a donation to them
  4. you keep getting 50% of their donations

Once it starts then it may never stop! Which means you will keep earning money on a complete automated system!

Ideal Audience

For many of the people, the current situation is quite hard due to financial problem. There are people who lost their job or not earning much from their job or unable to get a job and this is where Coop5050 becomes useful.

Also, people who need a side income beside what they do, then Coop5050 is the perfect choice. Anybody can do it and make a fortune while they sleep.

Coop5050 Explained in Video:


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